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Editing Files in U-M Box

Did you know that Box offers a number of ways to work collaboratively with files stored in Box? Check out the options below and step up your Box collaboration game.

Box Notes

Box Notes is an easy to use note-taking application native to Box. It doesn't replace Microsoft Word's advanced features, but is a terrific option for meeting notes, brainstorms, and other informal documents (don't miss the check-box bullet option—great for to-do lists).

You can work with colleagues on the same Note at the same time. You and your collaborators' Box Profile pictures appear in the left margin of the document, showing you exactly where in the document everyone is participating.

Box Notes can be printed and saved as PDF's. Like other files in Box, they can be previewed in the web.

With Box Sync, notes are synced to the desktop and open in a web browser to view or edit.

Learn how to use Box Notes

Box Edit

The Box Edit app allows you to open files from the Box web client to edit in their native applications. If you can open it on your desktop, you can edit it on Box. Box Edit even gives you the opportunity to lock your file when you open it.

Once installed, Box Edit works on all browsers. It adds options to your +New menu in Box to create Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents from within Box. When you save your files, they're saved to Box!

Learn how to install and use Box Edit

Box Bookmarks

Bookmarks function as links to web pages and other items using a URL, much as they function in web browsers. If you work with files in Google Drive, you can create bookmarks in your Box folder to link to them. They appear in the folder just as any other file and have the commonly used weblink symbol on them.

Box for Office (Windows)

With Box for Office, you can open, edit and save Office files stored in Box directly from Microsoft Office applications. Installing Box for Office requires administrator permissions on your computer. Once it's installed, you'll see new options in your Office applications allowing you to open files directly from Box, save files to Box and even share your files without leaving your Office application.

Learn how to install and use Box for Office

Using U-M Box with Sensitive Data

Box Notes, Box Edit and Box for Office are all Official Box Apps (Core Apps) approved for use with sensitive data types allowed in Box. See the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services for more information about appropriately handling sensitive data.