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What is Box?

Box is a commercial online file sharing and storage service.

Why did U-M choose Box?

Internet2 (a consortium of leading U.S. research and educational organizations) chose Box after a review of many storage and file management services. As members of Internet2, the University of Michigan can benefit from attractive pricing and support. One of the key benefits of Box is its ability to integrate with other university systems. For example, it can use the same password system as other U-M services such as Wolverine Access.

What other schools are Box early adopters?

Michigan was the first school to implement Box through the partnership with Internet2. Other universities include: The University of California - Berkeley, Indiana, Cornell, Notre Dame, Illinois, and Carnegie Mellon.

Who is eligible for a U-M Box account?

Current U-M students, faculty, staff and sponsored affiliates with regular (not temporary) uniqnames are eligible to open accounts. U-M Box storage accounts are not available to those with alumni or Friend accounts.

How much will U-M Box cost?

At the present time there is no direct charge for U-M Box for individuals or units. Funding decisions for U-M Box will be made later this year.

Can I use Linux to access my U-M Box account?

U-M does not support the use of Linux to access U-M Box accounts at this time. However, the following Knowledge Article on Using Linux to Access Box provides information and instructions for several different setup methods, one of which may work for you.

Features & Benefits

What are the advantages to online file sharing and storage systems like Box?

Like similar cloud environments such as Google Drive and DropBox, Box is a good resource for storing and sharing files, authoring content, and encouraging collaboration.

What are the benefits of Box over other popular commercial services?

Because U-M Box works on Macs, PCs and a wide range of mobile devices, it gives you access to your files from just about anywhere. U-M Box is also a great place to collaborate: not only can your team share, view, edit and retrieve project files, you can discuss them as well. U-M Box uses the same login system as Wolverine Access, so there are no new user IDs or passwords to remember. It also offers desktop synchronization so that files from your local hard disk will be backed up automatically as well as be available to you from other computers and devices.

Also included are features like content and task management, online workspaces for collaboration, user permissions and a built-in editor. High level features, custom options for embedding files into a website, Google Apps integration, and administrative controls allow U-M Box users to create and manage a complete work space environment.

How does U-M Box compare to Google Docs?

Both systems allow web access to files. For further information about all the various storage options available see the ITS Storage Solutions Summary Chart.


When will I get my U-M Box account?

U-M Box accounts are now available to all current students, faculty, staff and sponsored affiliates at the University of Michigan.

Are all the campuses and the Health System getting Box?

U-M Box accounts are available to current students, faculty, staff and sponsored affiliates on all the campuses. It is up to each unit to determine how to best use the service.

Members of the Flint and Dearborn campuses may find the ability to configure their U-M Box account with additional email addresses useful.

Who do I contact for help with U-M Box?

Many questions are answered in the About Your Accountsection of this site. Box also maintains an extensive knowledge base with information about how to use Box. For further questions, contact information can be found on the Help page of this site.

I already have a Box account. What will happen to that?

Information on existing Box accounts can be found here: For Users with Existing Box Accounts

I've heard Box sometimes offers more than 50GB to free personal account users. Why should I use a U-M Box account instead?

U-M Box has many features that are not available for free personal Box account users. These include:

Can I get a U-M Box account for my department?

U-M Box accounts are available for your department, group, class or other function on request. See Shared U-M Box Accounts for more information.

Storing & Sharing Files

How much data can I store in my U-M Box account?

U-M Enterprise users have unlimited storage space.

How is my usage calculated?

Any files that are placed (by you or your collaborators) inside folders created by you are part of your unlimited quota. Files placed by you into another account's folders are subject to their quota restrictions.

Can I share files with people both inside and outside of the university using U-M Box?

Yes, you simply share U-M Box content with a person's email address. This may be an @umich.edu address or an external address.

NOTE: Effective February 4, 2017, MCommunity groups can be used in U-M Box.

What is the difference between the different link sharing options?

When you share a file with a link, you are presented with a few different options for access.

Option Access
Anyone with the link Anyone with the link can access the file without a Box password.

This option allows additional controls such as whether the file can be downloaded, whether the link expires, and whether a shared password should be used.
People in your company Any user with the link AND a U-M Box account can access the file. In addition, anyone with whom you are directly collaborating can access the file.

This option allows additional controls such as whether the file can be downloaded and link expiration.
People in this folder Only those you invite as collaborators can access the file.
Disabled There is no shared link access to this file.

For more information, please see Box Smart Links.

Is there a time limit on collaborations?

Invitations to collaborate expire after 2 weeks. Attempts to accept a collaboration invitations after that time will fail. The invitations to collaborate need to be reiussed.

How can I optimize my upload speeds?

See How Can I Optimize My Upload Speeds? from Box Support explaining how to troubleshoot speed issues and which upload method to use in various situations.

How do I use advanced searching in Box?

See the Advanced Search Overview and FAQs on the Box Support website for a short video and tips. And if you need to perform the same search repeatedly, you can bookmark the resulting URL in the address bar of your browser to use later.

File Deletion and Recovery

Box has an extensive knowledge article on how to delete and recover files. If you are still having difficulty recovering your files please refer to section below the link.


File is missing from the trash folder:
Box automatically filters your trash folder by Items I Deleted. To find items that someone else deleted, switch the filter to Items I own.

IMPORTANT: If a file is missing and you cannot find it in the trash, contact the ITS Service Desk immediately. U-M Box administrators have a few tools at their disposal to recover lost files. However, there is no guarantee that these files will be recoverable, and the longer the file has been missing the less likely it is that it will be recoverable.

Contact info: Email: 4help@umich.edu | phone: 734-764-HELP [4357]


Will I be able to sync files between my desktop and U-M Box?

Yes, U-M Box includes desktop synchronization so that files from your local hard disk will be backed up automatically as well as be available to you from other computers and devices.

Is there a file number limit with U-M Box Sync?

Box Sync v3 imposes a limit of 40,000 files. Box Sync v4 scales to 100,000 files and more. See Box Sync 4 for more information.

Can I sync network drive files to my U-M Box account?

Box Sync does not support syncing to network drives.

Where can I find out more about sync?

See Box Sync for more information about Box Sync.


What is an app?

Apps connect your U-M Box data with other applications and services. For an overview of Box apps, visit the Box Apps Overview and FAQ.

What apps are available to U-M users?

While all apps are available to U-M users, only the Official Box Apps are covered by our contract and approved by U-M.

Are apps free?

Not all apps are free. App descriptions are available through the Apps menu and should provide information on pricing.

Are all apps available for all platforms?

Not all apps are available for all platforms. App descriptions are available through the Apps menu, and should provide information on platform compatibility.

Why don't I see the U-M Weblogin Page?

If you access U-M Box by going to the Box.com homepage or if you use third party applications with your U-M Box account, you will need to enter your U-M email address but leave the password box blank. This page will then redirect you to the U-M Weblogin page to log into U-M Box using your uniqname and UMICH password.

You can also log in to U-M Box using https://umich.app.box.com/login or https://box.it.umich.edu to access the U-M Weblogin page directly.

Security & Accessibility

Are my files and data safe on U-M Box?

Box adheres to the highest industry standards for security at every level and commits extensive resources to the design, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of its security infrastructure, including:

Learn more on the Box Security web page.

Can I use U-M Box with sensitive data that is covered by laws and standards such as HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, GLBA and PCI?

U-M Box provides provides robust security for sensitive university data. However, due to federal, state, and university laws, policies and standards, it should not be used to collect, process, store or share certain types of Sensitive Regulated data; this includes data regulated by ITAR/EAR, FISMA and PCI.

Student educational records regulated by FERPA, GLBA (read about GLBA Compliance at U-M), HIPAA and Sensitive Human Subject Research data may be collected, processed, stored or shared in Box.​

If you store sensitive data on your Box account and access Box data with a mobile device, we recommend that you enable the mobile app passcode lock in the Box app settings on your mobile device.

Are my files on U-M Box backed-up?

Yes. If you accidentally delete a file, you have 30 days to recover it using the U-M Box system. See Using the Trash to Restore Files and Folders for more details.

Can I get to U-M Box files from home or from my mobile device?

Yes. This is one of the strengths of U-M Box. It allows you to access your files from many different types of locations and devices. See Mobile Devices for more details.

What happens to my files on U-M Box when I leave U-M?

See Box: Accounts for People Who Leave U-M.

What is an external Box password?

Most often you will login to Box with your UMICH password. However, some third party apps cannot use Single Sign On and require a password maintained by Box, known as an external Box password. You can set this password in your account settings on U-M Box or at box.com/reset. This password is separate from your UMICH password.