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Below is a small sampling of the excellent collection of documentation Box provides. For more specific information Box, search the Box Community Knowledge Base.


For Users with Existing Box Accounts

I'm using Box with an @umich.edu email address

If you currently have a Box account using your @umich.edu email address, you will not be able to create a new U-M Box account in the University domain.

WARNING: Do not delete your personal @umich.edu Box account in order to create a U-M Box account. Users who delete @umich.edu personal accounts without first changing the email address will be unable to create a U-M Box account following the normal signup process. If you have deleted your account, please contact the ITS Service Center for assistance.

Recommended: CONVERT your personal account into a U-M Box account

  1. Contact the ITS Service Center to have your personal account invited into the UMICH U-M Box enterprise. Note: An invitation will be sent to your email address.
  2. Accept the invitation to complete the process.

Converting your U-M Box account allows you to maintain any collaborations you have and give you the benefits of U-M Box, which will soon include unlimited storage.

If you prefer to KEEP your personal account

  1. Change the email address attached to your personal account to a non-umich account
  2. Then, sign up for a U-M Box account.
  3. You now have 2 accounts, one U-M Box account, and one personal account at a non-umich.edu address.

I'm using Box with a personal email address

Your personal account will not be impacted. However, you must set up a U-M Box account to have access to the U-M Box enterprise account features.