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U-M Box September Updates: BoxWorks 2016 highlights and more!


Below is the September installment of the U-M Box Monthly Updates:

Introducing the new Box web interface


Box recently announced a new and improved, more personalized interface on the web. Some of the updates include:

Additional new features will roll out over time. You can check out the new interface now and if you need to switch back to the previous Box interface, click the help icon at the top of the page. Also from the help icon, provide feedback on your experience directly to Box. The new interface will become the standard in the spring of 2017.

Resources to get started:

If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Service Center.

Change to the Default Notifications in Box


We have heard your feedback on the notifications in U-M Box. By default, Box likes to send email and lots of it. That's about to change. The U-M Box team is going to change the default settings for notifications. Beginning October 1, 2016, the only notifications turned on by default for new accounts will be for when a file or folder is deleted from a folder you own or have joined. For existing accounts, you can still change the types of notifications you receive from Box in your account settings, available in the drop-down menu next to your name at the top of the screen. We hope this change will help to free up your inbox just a bit.

Box Works 2016 and updates to Box


Lots of exciting news came out of the BoxWorks 2016 conference where CEO Aaron Levie unveiled updates to Box. Highlights of things to look forward to over the next few months include:

Visit the Box Community to learn more about each of these products.

To hear more about these exciting updates, attend the BoxWorks Recap Webinar this Thursday, September 22, at 1 p.m.

U-M Box August Updates: New Update to Capture and more!


Changes to Box and Google Services at U-M


Changes are taking place with the M+Google and M+Box services. As part of a university effort to more effectively position the institution's brand, M+Google and M+Box are transitioning to new wordmarks. The services should now be referred to as "U-M Google" or "Google at U-M" and "U-M Box" or "Box at U-M".

ITS is working to make sure the transition goes smoothly. When possible, please use the new naming convention and the new wordmarks in referencing these services. Those individuals and teams needing access to the wordmark files can visit the U-M Google and U-M Box Brand webpage.

Expect to read and hear more about the U-M Google and U-M Box service change as information is shared with the university community.

Box ending browser support for IE versions 9 and 10


On September 26, 2016 Box will no longer support Internet Explorer (IE) versions 9 and 10. It is Box policy to support only the latest two browser versions. Microsoft stopped supporting IE browsers 9 and 10 and certain Windows operating systems on January 12, 2016.

Box will notify users on IE 9 and 10 browsers with an in-app banner saying the browser will no longer be supported. After the EOL date, the in-app banner will say that the browser is out of date and the user must upgrade to a supported browser. Eventually, users trying to access Box on either of the unsupported browsers (including via compatibility mode) will be blocked from Box until they upgrade to a supported browser.

Box at U-M Quarterly Stats


M+Box Accounts/Storage/Collaborations Graph

M+Box by the numbers as of July 1, 2016

Active Accounts 62,309 GBs Stored 287,594 Collaborations 378,265

Box at U-M July Updates: New Editor improvements and more!


Michigan IT Symposium Call for Participation!


Join us at this year's Michigan IT Symposium. Have you found creative or advanced ways to use Box and Google? Consider participating in the Symposium, to be held November 21-22, 2016. The due date for proposals is August 12. If you are curious to see last year's entries, the Office of the CIO web page has all the posters from 2015.

Check Out the New Look for the U-M Weblogin Page


The weblogin page we all use to log in to many U-M websites, including Box and Google, has a new look. This updated page is designed to work consistently across all electronic devices. The new look accompanied the implementation of two-factor authentication.


CHANGE NOTICE: SSO login required for M+Box


Starting Monday, August 1, single sign-on or SSO (i.e., Weblogin with your uniqname and UMICH password) will be required for login to all M+Box accounts, including shared accounts. This change is required because of security improvements made by Box.

Currently, SSO is enabled for M+Box, but not required. For example, users can log in at box.com with an external password. After August 1, this will no longer be possible. This coming change will also require that SSO be used whenever a Box app supports SSO. If an app does NOT support SSO (for example, FTPS or WebDAV), the external password will still be used.

We anticipate that this change will not cause any disruption as most M+Box users already log in via their UMICH accounts using SSO. However, users who log into M+Box shared accounts will need to adjust their current log-in process. Our review of log-in records indicates only a small number of shared accounts have done so recently. The Collaboration team will reach out directly to the requesters of these accounts over the coming weeks with additional information. Others who need passwords set for their shared accounts may open a ticket with the ITS Service Center.

You may review Using Single Sign On With M+Box Accounts for more details about this change. Feel free to share this information with those in your unit or department that might be interested. Please contact the ITS Service Center if you have questions or need assistance.

M+Box to End Google Integration


The Google Docs integration in M+Box will be disabled on July 9, 2016. Please review the information below and contact the ITS Service Center if M+Box's integration with Google is essential to your work so that we can work with you to find a solution.

What is the Google/Box integration?

It is a feature that allows you to create and modify Google Docs and Sheets in your M+Box account. It is accessed via the + New menu in M+Box.

Why disable it?

Support tickets and our testing have uncovered issues with use of this integration. Specifically, the integration requires storing a temporary file in Google Drive that is saved to Box after the file is edited. Using this feature may result in data loss and, if used with sensitive data, exposes protected information in Google Drive. For these reasons, starting on July 9, 2016, M+Box users will no longer be able to create or edit Google files from within M+Box.

The M+Box team will re-evaluate newer versions of Google/M+Box integration as they become available. Please contact the ITS Service Center if you have questions or concerns.

M+Box June Updates: Box Edit Support, Box Sync Support, and more!


New Long Term Supported (LTS) Installer coming for Box Sync


M+Box is releasing an updated version of the Long Term Supported (LTS) Installers for Box Sync. This particular version is for administrators who store installers for long-term use. Updated versions of Long Term Supported installers are released to help ensure the installers can properly upgrade to the newest version of Box Sync on launch. Please note: after June 1, 2016 there will not be any further support for older versions of the LTS installers.

M+Box May Updates: Box App Support and quarterly numbers!


Introducing Single File Collaboration!


Have you ever wanted to share a single file, instead of the entire folder, in M+Box? The new Single File Collaboration feature of Box Notes allows you to do just that. You can collaborate on individual Box Notes without being invited to an entire folder.

To invite someone to a single file, Click Share, choose Invite people to edit, enter their name or email address, then click Send Invites.



The invited collaborator will receive an email invitation to collaborate, exactly like when invited to collaborate on a folder. They are automatically added to the file as an Editor and will only have access to the Box Note, not the folder containing it. The shared Box Note will appear in the All Files page of the person you shared with. Please note: files can be removed or renamed but not moved or deleted.

M+Box by the Numbers: April 2016


We are happy and excited see GBs stored has almost doubled since last quarter.

M+Box Accounts/Storage/Collaborations Graph

M+Box by the numbers as of April 1, 2016

Active Accounts 60,929 GBs Stored 224,563 Collaborations 342,555

M+Box April Updates: Document Watermarking, Enriching Scholarship, and more!


Below is the April installment of the M+Box Monthly Updates:

Tip: Did you know? In the sidebar when you are previewing a file, you can choose to assign a task by clicking on the comment icon to the right of the comment box and selecting Task from the dropdown menu. Learn more about Box at Box University.

Editing Files in Box


The ability to edit Microsoft Office documents within a browser using Office Online (as previously communicated) has been disabled with M+Box accounts. This was done to keep U-M data protected by our contract with Box. We are working with Box to find a way that we can use Office Online with M+Box accounts and will send out another communication once one is in place.

There are still other great ways to edit files you store in your M+Box account. Check out Box Notes, Box Edit, and Box for Office on the Editing Files in Box page to learn more.

For additional questions or concerns, contact the ITS Service Center.

Box Document Watermarking


Document watermarking provides a visual deterrent to data loss by automatically marking documents with the viewer's email address and timestamp. The watermark travels with the document from preview to download, traceable even when it leaves Box. Folder owners and editors can choose to enable this feature for files or folders.

The watermarking feature is located in the Properties menu for files and on the Folder Settings window for folders.

Box Properties Box Folder Settings

Tip: Did you know? You can create meeting agendas and collectively take meeting notes with Box Notes. Learn more about Box at Box University.

M+Box March Updates


Below is the March installment of the M+Box Monthly Updates:

  • Bringing Box to Windows 10
    The Box for Windows 10 app is available for use on Windows Phones. Learn more about the app and find documentation on the Box blog.
  • New Box University Resource Site
    A redesigned Box University resource site is available to anyone with an M+Box account!
  • 3D Preview in Box - Beta Feature
    Box is running a 3D preview beta feature. If you are interested in checking it out, email the M+Box team at collaborate@umich.edu.
  • EOL for Box Edit Prior to V3.1
    Box Edit versions prior to V3.1 stopped functioning. Install the latest version of Box Edit.

Box Edit Versions Prior to 3.1


On March 22, 2016, all Box Edit versions prior to V3.1 stopped functioning. In most circumstances, Box Edit automatically updates itself or prompts you to update when a new version is available. If this feature has been disabled or is not working properly, you may need to install the latest version of Box Edit. (Box released V3.1 back in December, 2015, which included several improvements to Box Edit for Windows and Macs. See the January announcement.) If you use a MiWorkspace supported device and have a version of Box Edit prior to 3.1, submit a request to the ITS Service Center to have the latest version installed on your device.

More information on using Box Edit is available in the Box Community.

Tip: Box Notes is an easy-to-use document creation tool built natively in Box. Learn more at Box University.

3D Preview in Box - Beta Feature


Have you ever wanted to store 3D file types in Box? Ever want to preview them... in 3D? Well, Box is running a beta feature to do just that. If you are interested in checking it out, email the M+Box team at collaborate@umich.edu.

We'll send you instructions and a guide to start uploading and previewing 3D files. You'll also find a number of sample models to explore. As part of the beta program, you will be able to ask questions, report bugs, and provide feedback.

New Box University Resource Site


A redesigned Box University resource site is now available to anyone with an M+Box account! There's something for everyone—from the beginner to the more seasoned user:

  • Getting Started with Box
  • What's New In Box
  • Quick User Video Library
  • Course Calendar

Create a custom curriculum and see all the training that you have completed on your own transcript. Take an online class, watch a recording, and more! Get started from your M+Box account's All Files view, and click Get Training on the right, under Support. The direct link is training.box.com. Choose Login with Box and then click Use Single Sign On (SSO) to log in with your UMICH credentials.

M+Box January Updates: Trash page redesign, Microsoft Integration, and more!


Here's what happened in January:

  • Trash Page: a new columnar layout is separated into two tabs:
    • "Items I Deleted" displays files you deleted (owned by anyone).
    • "Items I Own" displays deleted files that you own (deleted by anyone).
    Set notifications to inform you when a file you own is deleted. Any user with the right permission can delete a file or folder even if they are not an owner.
  • Login Screen: the login screen at box.com is more user-friendly and consistent. To access your UMICH account, click "sign In with SSO".
  • Web Application: These updates streamline the experience while offering tips on effective Box use.
  • Microsoft Integration:
    • Real-time co-authoring (aka simultaneous editing) in Box for Office Online
      Multiple people can edit a file at the same time, like in Google Drive.
    • Accessing and Editing Box content in Office for iOS
      Box can now be selected as a default storage service for Office on iOS.

Box-Microsoft Integration Announcement


Box announced two major improvements with the way Microsoft Office integrates with Box.

  • Real-time co-authoring (aka simultaneous editing) in Box for Office Online
    You're already able to edit Microsoft Office files in the browser with Office Online in M+Box. Now multiple people can edit the file at the same time, like in Google Drive.

  • Accessing and Editing Box content in Office for iOS
    You're already able to access your files using the Box app in iOS. Now Box can now be selected as a default storage service for Office on iOS.

See 3 New Ways to Seamlessly Collaborate with Box and Microsoft for more information about these integrations and check out the video linked in the blog for a quick peek at the simultaneous editing feature.

Keep in mind that when you use these integrations you are using a personal Microsoft account that is not approved for use with sensitive data. See the Sensitive Data Guide for more information.

Did you replace your CTools Project Site with M+Box or M+Google?


Have you have replaced your CTools Project Site with one or more of the cloud collaboration tools? If so, we want to hear from you! Let us know how you're using M+Box or M+Google for your project by sending email to maryb@umich.edu.

Box Web Application Updates


Box recently announced a series of design improvements being made to the Box web application in January of 2016. These updates are intended to streamline users' experience while also providing a user tour that offers tips on how to most effectively use Box. We are looking forward to seeing these changes in the U-M domain. Check out the updates to the Box web application, in this slide deck from Box.

Data ownership in M+Box and M+Google


Did you know that M+Box and M+Google Drive have different ways of handling data ownership and collaboration?

  • M+Box: Data ownership and collaboration settings are based upon who owns the folder in which the data is stored. The entire folder can be moved to another account if the owner changes departments or leaves the university.
  • M+Google: Ownership and the ability to set collaboration permissions is given to the creator of the file. To transfer ownership of files in M+Google, the file's creator must transfer ownership of each individual file. If a file owner, who is part of a team, changes departments or leaves the university, ownership of the file should be transferred as part of the roll-off process.

If you use M+Box or M+Google for data developed with a university team or department, we recommend requesting a shared account for all work-related documents to ensure the material stays available to the team when individuals move on from the university. To learn more about shared accounts, see Shared Accounts and Shared M+Box Accounts.

If an employee is not able to help with re-assigning ownership of their content in any service, please contact the User Advocate for assistance. You can also reach out with any questions or open a ticket by contacting the ITS Service Center.

Box December Monthly Updates: Box Edit Update, Audio files supported in Box Capture and more!


Here's what happened in December:

  • Box Edit v3.1 update: Box released several improvements to Box Edit for Windows and Macs. This is a silent auto-update and there are no action items for users. The new Box Edit experience includes:
  • Audio files supported in Box Capture: As we announced in mid December, Box introduced Box Capture, which is the first mobile-only app created by Box and available only for iOS. The December update includes support for audio files being uploaded to Box Capture.
  • Box for iPhone and iPad v3.7.7: Box for iPhone and iPad version 3.7.7 is available for download and includes bug fixes and stability improves.

Updated Login Experience with Box


Box recently updated its login screen to be more user friendly and consistent across all platforms and devices. NOTE: The new login screen (below) is only seen when users log in through box.com. To log in with your uniqname and UMICH password, click sign In with SSO on the lower right part of the screen.

Then click Continue on the following screen to launch the U-M Weblogin page.

Updated Trash page in Box


M+Box has recently updated its Trash page. In addition to a new columnar layout, the Trash page is now separated into two tabs: "Items I Deleted" and "Items I Own." The "Items I Deleted" tab displays files that you have deleted (owned by you or others). The "Items I Own" tab displays files you own that have been deleted (by yourself or others).

This is a welcome change as, in M+Box, any user with the right level of permission can delete another user's file or folder even if they are not an owner. Be sure to set up the appropriate email notifications to ensure you are informed when a file that you own has been deleted.

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