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November Monthly Updates


Shared Account Updates


We have two updates for you about shared accounts:

Box for iOS Update Required


On November 30, all versions of Box for iOS older than version 3.x will no longer allow access to Box. There are approximately 80 UMICH accounts that are still using the old version of Box for iOS. The M+Box Team will contact these users directly over the next couple weeks and advise them to upgrade to avoid any disruption to their service.

Users can upgrade the Box app by clicking on the following link from their iOS device: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/box-for-iphone-and-ipad/id290853822. Please note that the latest Box app requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The new version of the app also includes various improvements to enhance productivity and security.

New User Interface


Box has announced a new user interface (UI) that includes a change in the location of the search bar and the icons for the Files, Updates, and Notifications pages. Users will now find the Collaborators, Apps and Trash options in the drop-down menu under the account name instead of across the top of the window.

Collaborators Drop Down Menu

The new UI will also include a new Notifications page (accessed using the "Inbox" icon) that will include a fully functional inbox where users are able to access pending tasks, comments, folder invites, and general collaboration updates.

M+Box by the Numbers: October 2014


Our collaborations continue to grow at a healthy pace, highlighting how M+Box enables working together, on campus and off!

M+Box Accounts/Storage/Collaborations Graph

M+Box by the numbers as of October 3, 2014

Accounts 47,209 GBs Stored 68,343
External Collaborators 13,620 Collaborations 175,229

Box Sync Update


To make the Box Sync experience more intuitive, this week Box will change the behavior of deleted files in personal and collaborative folders in Box Sync v4:

Prior to this, if you deleted a synced folder locally using Box Sync 4, that folder was unsynced. Keep in mind that Box Sync v4 provides the ability to sync sub-folders, resulting in partially synced folders. If a partially synced folder is deleted, additional items not visible locally are also deleted from Box.

Users will receive an Update Notice about this change:

Box Update Notice Window

If you attempt to delete a collaborative folder, you will also receive a Box Sync pop-up that confirms your intent.

Box Confirm Deletion Window

If you accidentally delete a folder, the person who deleted the folder or the folder owner can recover the folder. See My files are Gone! What do I do? for additional information. Please see Box's Deleting Synced Folders for more about this change.

Box Favorites


Box announced this week that the ability to "favorite" folders and files in the Box web application will soon be available. This functionality will work on the web application and all mobile devices, so you'll see favorites on whatever platform you choose to use. To make a file or a folder a favorite, click the star icon.

Favorite Star Icon

Once you've marked a file or folder as a favorite, you'll see it in the Favorites list on the far right of the "All Files" page.

Favorites List

Expect to see this change in the UMICH domain within the next couple of weeks.

Embed Box Folders in Your Website


Are you aware that you can embed Box files and folders on any website that supports HTML iframe embed code? The embed includes features like preview, file uploading, real time updates, and editing. As Box adds more functionality and collaboration features, it will automatically extend to this framework as well. To embed a Box file or folder, click Share and choose the Embed option in the Advanced Settings pop up.

For detailed instructions, see Can I Embed a Box Folder in my Website. For more information on the Box Embed technology, see Box Embed Overview and FAQ.

M+Box FTP Security Strengthened


Recently Box has improved the security of their service by providing us with the ability to prevent the use of FTP and require FTPS with M+Box. We will implement this setting on November 11, 2014. After that time, use of FTP will no longer work with M+Box but will instead require FTPS.

FTPS is an extension to FTP that allows the entire session to be encrypted, unlike FTP where users authenticate using a clear-text sign-in. Note that FTP (and FTPS) with Box does not use Single Sign On (i.e. your UMICH/Level 1 login). An external password must be set with Box to use FTP or FTPS.

For more information about FTP, see these articles at support.box.com:

October Monthly Updates


Updated Box for Office


Box recently released Box for Office 365, which supports Office 2013 and Office 2010 desktop applications on computers running Windows 7 or higher. Box for Office 365 makes it easier to open, save, edit and share documents directly from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook without compromising security and mobile access from Box.

Users who have administrative rights on their machines can download Box for Office 365 themselves. Subsequent updates will be pushed out by Box. Users who currently have the previous Office integration installed will be prompted to update to Box for Office 365.

Unfortunately, due to limitations of the Mac version of Office, Box for Office is not available on the Mac.

For more information, visit the support pages for Box for Office 365.

Box Optimizing Folder Structure


Box is looking to improve the user experience by cleaning up "content sprawl" through optimizing folder structure. Box will be removing collaborative subfolders that appear at the root level of the "All Files and Folders" page. Previously users who accepted a collaboration invite for a parent folder and an independent collaboration invite for a subfolder would see both folders at the root level of their account. With this improvement, users will now only see the parent folder at the root level while the sub folder will be properly nested in the parent folder.

Note: While this change may mean that a sub-folder nay disappear from your All Files view, Box did not remove or delete any Box content as a result of this change. You can still find the sub-folder within it's parent or by using search.

For more information, see the Help Center documentation.

Box Status Site and Notifications


Are you aware of the Box Status Site? The Box status site gives you the most up-to-date information on any performance issues and service interruptions affecting Box applications. In fact, Box just recently redesigned and enhanced status.box.com.

One of the biggest improvements is the expanded suite of notification options, enabling users to sign up for their notification method of choice. The suite of notification options include:

To manage your subscription or sign-up for another notification method, please visit status.box.com and click the Subscribe to Updates button.

September Monthly Updates


Here is what happened in September:

End of Life Announcements


Box occasionally issues End-of-Life (EOL) notices for complex or rarely used functionality that it intends to remove from its service. Please review their latest notice for details about upcoming changes to:

Box Update for OneCloud partners using App2App with iOS8


With the recent release of iOS8, Box has been working with partners to update their apps for compatibility. See the Box announcement here.

The following partners will continue to be available on iOS8:

Updates to other partner applications are being developed and Box is working with the below partners on updates.

Based on the updates being made in iOS8, it is reasonable to anticipate compatibility issues with the app2app integrations listed above however, there is a workaround. You can still engage with these apps and your Box content, as long as you initiate the interactions from the 3rd party apps instead of initiating from the Box app.

BoxWorks Conference News and Updates


There are several announcements coming our of the Boxworks conference this week. You can read about what's coming from Box by reading through the announcements from BoxWorks on Box's blog!

August M+Box Monthly Updates


Here is what happened in August:

Free Box Webinar 8/26/14


Tuesday, August 26, at 5:30 p.m. Indiana University is hosting a webinar — Box: Access Files, Share and Collaborate from Anywhere — to introduce new users to Box and provide updates to existing users. This webinar will cover the following:

Please keep in mind that this webinar will include some information specific to Indiana's implementation of Box, but the general information will be useful to all.

The webinar is free and open to all. You can find more details and register at Box: Access Files, Share and Collaborate from Anywhere, or log in directly to participate.

M+Box Now Approved for HIPAA Data


We have some exciting news to share about the M+Box service: The University of Michigan and Box recently finalized a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This means M+Box can now be used for storing protected health information (PHI) governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Please note the following important points regarding this change:

Feel free to share this information with those in your unit or department that might be interested. Contact the ITS Service Center if you have questions or need assistance.

July M+Box Monthly Updates


Welcome to the first installment of M+Box Monthly Updates! We want to make sure we are sharing what's happening at Box, but we don't want to overload your inbox. Instead, we'll send out a Monthly Update of Box news and happenings. (You will still receive separate notices for significant changes and feature enhancements to M+Box.)

Here is what happened in July:

M+Box by the Numbers: June 2014


Here's an update showing how M+Box is doing on campus. Note the downward blip in accounts and storage at the beginning of April. That was when our deprovisioning went into effect and moved those who had become alumni or retirees into a free Box account. Box allows our alumni and retirees to retain the 50GB of quota they got at U-M, one of the benefits of our Box contract.

M+Box Accounts/Storage/Collaborations Graph

M+Box by the numbers as of June 27, 2014

Accounts 43,863 GBs Stored 62,516
External Collaborators 15,260 Collaborations 150,589

Box Updated Help Links


Box has done some reorganization and consolidation of resource material created for onsite Help Desk centers and Training Teams. Click the following ink to find Box help materials.

REMINDER: Upgrade Your M+Box Sync Client


Back in January, we announced the availability of Box Sync 4, an upgrade to Box Sync 3 that delivers improved performance and reliability. Box has advised us that they will decommission Box Sync 3 in the coming months and will soon begin to prompt users of version 3 to upgrade to Box Sync 4.

Our records show that there are approximately 1,800 M+Box accounts that are still running Sync 3 on one or more devices. Next week, we will reach out to these users directly regarding the decommissioning of Sync 3 and encourage them to upgrade.

NOTE: The upgrade to Box Sync 4 requires administrative rights to affected machines. Users without administrative rights will be advised to contact their local IT staff for help. Once the upgrade is complete, future updates will occur automatically. Read our Box Sync 4 Upgrade FAQ for more details. (MiWorkspace computers have already been upgraded to Box Sync 4.)

Please contact the ITS Service Center if you need additional information or assistance. Thank you!

Box Doubles File Upload Size


M+Box users are now able to upload files up to 10GB in size, twice the previous 5GB limit. This is very good news for the M+Box community, but there are a few important things you should keep in mind:

For more information on how to determine and improve upload speeds, see How Can I Optimize My Upload Speeds?

End of Windows XP support for Box


Microsoft ended support for Windows XP this past April. There will be no further updates to XP, which makes the operating system significantly less secure for users. In order to best allocate development resources, Box is moving to end Sync support for Windows XP in the coming months.

Approximately 1% of Box's enterprise users are using Sync on Windows XP. However, we realize it may be a big change for those still using it, so we wanted to give you as much notice as possible. The final date for support for Box Sync on Windows XP is still to be determined, but it may be as early as late August.

Please see Microsoft Ended Windows XP Support in April 2014 for more information about the end of life of Windows XP.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Service Center for help.

Improved Collaboration and Sharing Coming to M+Box


Box recently announced collaboration and sharing improvements to the Box interface. These changes, which should be available by the end of June 2014, will make it easier and more intuitive to see who you are collaborating with and how. For detailed information, see Sharing And Collaboration - What Changed? (NOTE: This documentation includes information on "Collaborated Groups." This feature is not enabled for the version of Box used by U-M, so that information does not apply to UMICH users.)

Support for Mac package files


Box Sync 4.0 now supports syncing of Mac package files to and from Box. You might also know these files as Mac bundles. An example is iWork files. If you have not yet upgraded your Box Sync client to version 4.0, now is a great time.

Box has updated mobile device apps


If you haven't already, now is the time to download Box on to your mobile device. Box recently launched mobile apps for both Android and IOS. The new and improved apps for mobile devices are faster, easier to use, and provides better content viewing. Download the app from the app store on your mobile device. Note that if you already have the Box app on your mobile device, you may be asked to re-authenticate when you log in.

Box Notes is Here


We want to let you know about a new Box feature called Box Notes that will begin to roll out gradually to UMICH users this week and should be complete by early June. Here are some key points about Box Notes and the rollout:

If you need help or have questions, please contact the ITS Service Center.

M+Box Tip: Invite Collaborators


Were you aware there is more than one way to invite collaborators to your M+Box folders/files? Instead of inviting individuals to collaborate, you can create an Invite Link to the folder with the appropriate Access role, copy the link provided and send it to individuals, or a group. Do you need different roles for different groups? Choose a different Access role from the drop-down and copy and send the new link.

Try this the next time you want to use your M+Box account to accept class assignments. Create a folder to receive assignments, then send them a link to the folder using the Uploader Access role and they'll be able to upload their own work without viewing other students' work.

Invite Collaborators

Get Invite Link

Invite Link OK

Collaboration Drop-in Sessions!


Will you be on central campus in May? Bring your laptop or mobile device and join us at one of our drop-in sessions to talk to an expert and get answers to all of your collaboration tool questions. No appointment necessary! See below for dates, times, and locations or download our flyer to advertise the sessions in your area.

New M+Box login page


We want to share an upcoming change to M+Box. Box will release a new login page design in the next week or two that will improve your login experience by making it consistent across devices and platforms. Here's a preview of the new look:

Box Login Update

Your same user credentials will work with the new design and no functionality is changing—just the look and feel.

Note that the "Not part of University of Michigan? Log In or Sign Up Here" button allows you to login with your external Box password.

If you have questions, please contact the Box help site.

Heartbleed Bug and M+Box: What you should know and do


Hello members of the MBox Updates email group,

I want to give you an update on Box and Heartbleed, since I know that some M+Box users have questions. Please share this information to others as you feel is appropriate and needed.

How Box responded to Heartbleed

Like many other Internet providers, Box was running vulnerable OpenSSL software when the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug was exposed. They quickly took the necessary steps to prevent data exposure. After this work was done, Box sent emails to potentially impacted users recommending that users change their password.

Who received the Box email?

What do I do?

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion about the email you may have received from Box.

Thanks for your attention to this important security issue.

Box workshops at Enriching Scholarships


There are several Box workshops at this year's Enriching Scholarship. Take a look at the Collaborate Calendar for dates, times, and a description of available workshops. The workshops are free so find one that fits your schedule and register at Teaching and Technology Collaborative!

M+Box by the Numbers: March 2014


We wanted you to see how M+Box is growing on campus, so we'll be providing these updates once a quarter. Notice how while we see steady growth in storage and users, the biggest steady increase is in the number of collaborations.

M+Box Accounts/Storage/Collaborations Graph

M+Box by the numbers as of March 28, 2014

Accounts 44,357 GBs Stored 57,630
External Collaborators 11,633 Collaborations 110,901

Box Search URL change coming


If you have been creating search queries in Box and saving the URLs for future use, this information is for you.

In the coming weeks, Box will be changing the search URLs from




Box will continue to support the old search URLs after this change is made, but recommends that you update any searches queries that you've bookmarked or saved to support the new URL.

Uploading files to M+Box from anyone anywhere anytime


There are 3 ways to easily receive files in M+Box, from anyone, anywhere, anytime. They are quite different, so pick the one that fits your needs.

First step is to create a folder to accept files.What you do next depends on the method you choose.

Upload via email attachment
Access the "Upload Options" menu on the folder through the triangle to the right of the folder name (or by right-clicking the folder name). Choose "Upload Option" then "Email Files to this Folder". Copy the email address shown in the resulting window. Attachments emailed to this address are placed in the folder. The message itself is not retained.

TIP: You can create an MCommunity group to provide a more friendly email address, e.g. upload.test@umich.edu. Add the Box-created upload address as an external member of the group.

Upload via web
Access the "Upload Options" menu on the folder through the triangle to the right of the folder name (or by right-clicking the folder name). Choose "Upload Option" then "Embed Upload Widget". You can embed the provided code in a web page. But if you just want to use the widget on its own, click "Preview this widget", copy the URL in the address bar and provide it via email or other method.

TIP: You might want to use a URL shortener, like goo.gl, to get a more manageable version of the link, e.g. http://goo.gl/NBAP9c.

Invite collaborators with Upload Only permissions
Add collaborators to your folder and assign the access level of "Uploader". This allows your collaborator to copy or move files into that folder in Box but not view or change any of the files in the folder.

Automation of M+Box Account Access Removal has Begun


NOTE: M+Box deprovisioning went live on February 15, 2014.

Beginning this weekend, MCommunity will be used to automatically remove or change access to M+Box accounts for those who lose eligibility due to a loss of, or change in, university affiliation. This will make getting and losing access to M+Box consistent with other service access managed by MCommunity in that users (with the exception of sponsored affiliates) will be notified via email 30 days before their access ends or changes.

Be Prepared:

More Detail:

FREE Courses on Using Box


The Box Education team has made available a new series of FREE courses.

You can get a quick reference to the new series here: Box Basics Drop-In Series, but here are the basics:

1) Sharing Made Easy (And Secure!):
Reviews how to share content using Box. This includes when to use shared links and when to invite someone as a collaborator. At the end of the class, you'll know how to pick the perfect role or adjust the settings on shared links to fit any situation.

2) Creating And Organizing Your Folders:
Discusses the three most common types of file setups and how to create a structure that supports easy access to those who need it.

3) Working Together Efficiently:
Play the part of a project team member and learn how Box makes collaboration easier by delving into comments, tasks, group editing (Box Edit), notification settings, and access stats.

4) Revolutionizing Your Day With Box Apps:
You'll have a chance to play around with some of the key Box apps that can save you and your organization a lot of time and a lot of money! (Including Box Edit and Box Sync)

Each 30-40 minute class is taught once a week. And, at the end of each class there is an open Q&A where participants can ask any questions they'd like! (Sessions have limited seats available)

The Tool of the Month is Box Edit and Box Sync!


These two add-ons to M+Box make working with files even easier. Box Edit is an add on feature that allows you to create and edit files directly on Box. Box Sync allows you to download Box folders to sync to your computer. Both Edit and Sync are great tools for working with files stored in M+Box. Which one should you use? View and download the collection of materials in the M+Box Shared Folder and find out if Box Edit or Box Sync will work best for you.

M+Box Account Access Removal Will Be Automated


Beginning in mid-February, MCommunity will be used to automatically remove access to M+Box accounts for those who lose eligibility for them due to a change in, or loss of, affiliation with U-M. Those who lose access to M+Box will be notified via email 30 days in advance. New alumni and retirees with M+Box accounts will keep their 50 GB of free storage in a converted personal Box account.

If your affiliation is changing from one university affiliation (faculty, staff, or student) to another (alumni or retiree):

If you lose all affiliation with U-M, you will lose access to M+Box:

For more detail:

Box Sync v 4.0 is Now Available


Box Sync v 4.0 is now available for Mac OSX and Windows. Here's how get on the latest version to take advantage of new features, improved performance, and a better overall experience:

Please note the following:

New features to try out with Sync 4:

And some big improvements under the hood:

To learn more about Sync 4.0, please see the documentation on the Box support site. Also see the M+Box website for information about how U-M has implemented Box on campus as well as specific information about Box Sync 4.

New Box for iPhone and iPad App


Box has announced a new Box for iPhone and iPad app that will be available for public download starting January 14. Current users will automatically receive a prompt to update when the app is available.

What's new?

For more information please check out this overview and the recording of a recent webinar.

Important details to note

There are some important differences between the new app and the old one.

Please note, the new app is only available to devices running iOS6 or iOS7. Any devices running earlier versions of iOS will retain the old app. This mainly impacts the original iPad, which runs iOS5.

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