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End of Life Notification for Internet Explorer 8


Please be aware that Box will discontinue support for Internet Explorer—8 (IE 8) on December—31, 2015. As of January—2016, Microsoft will no longer provide updates for IE—8, jeopardizing the effectiveness of some Box features. Microsoft will also no longer issue security patches for IE 8, making the browser vulnerable. To continue using Box, all Internet Explorer—8 users should upgrade to Internet Explorer—10 or 11 or another supported browser.

M+Box Monthly Updates: BoxWorks webinar, updates information and more!


Here's what happened in October:

Box Education Free Online Courses


Box University offers free online courses. The Collaboration Training and Event Calendar has been updated accordingly through December. Check out the schedule and register for one of the following courses:

Sign Up to Participate in Providing Feedback to Box


Want to be the first to see new Box products? Sign up to receive exclusive invites to participate in quick surveys, interviews, usability tests, and more. You can help shape the future of Box!

Here's some information from Box about the program:

Sign up for Box User Research at bit.ly/BoxEngage. Feel free to invite other Box users you know to enroll in this panel as well.

If you have additional questions, please contact Box at user-research@box.com.

EOL for Box Edit Version 2


Box will end support of Box Edit version 2 on October 31, 2015. Box recently pushed an auto-update to Box Edit version 2 users to Box Edit version 3. Any remaining Box Edit version 2 users must manually upgrade to version 3 in order to continue using Box Edit after the end of support date, October 31, 2015. Box Edit version 2 will not work after October 31, 2015, and Box will not provide fixes for critical bugs or security gaps.

To learn more about Box Edit version 3, see Box Edit Overview and FAQs. To manually upgrade to Box Edit version 3, see Box's Desktop Apps page.

BoxWorks 2015 Conference Highlights and Webinar Registration


We wanted to make everyone aware of the BoxWorks 2015 webinar on Thursday, October 15 at 1 p.m. Eastern time. This webinar will cover the highlights of the BoxWorks 2015 conference, as well as a Q&A portion. Key highlights that will be discussed at the BoxWorks webinar include:

Register for the BoxWorks webinar. You can also review the highlights on the BoxWorks blog.

M+Box Monthly Updates: BoxWorks Conference and more!


Here's what happened in September:

Collaboration Tools on Sites Computers


Did you know you can access your Google Drive and Box accounts on Campus Computing Sites computers? Simply navigate to the desktop and use one of the conveniently placed icons. Double clicking the Google or Box icon on the desktop will launch a browser where you will prompted to login to the service.

Collaboration Tools on Sites Computers

MPrint provides easy integration with Google Drive and Box. You can now print directly from either of these services by selecting the Google Drive tab or the Box tab in the Select a Document window. If this is your first time using MPrint with Google Drive or Box, you will need to first navigate to https://mprint.umich.edu/account and enable the desired service.

Here is an example of what the MPrint dialog looks like with the Google Drive and the Box service.


Share Your Collaboration Story at the Michigan IT Symposium


By now, most of you have hopefully marked your calendars for the Michigan IT Symposium taking place November 23-24. If you have used collaboration tools like Google or Box to build a service, improve a business process, or help solve a user problem, I encourage you to participate in the symposium as a presenter or to submit a poster. Just fill out this brief Presenter Application by September 23.

UPDATE: M+Box Integration with Office Online


This is an important update to the recent message re: M+Box integration with Office Online.

Attention sensitive data users! Please be aware that even though M+Box Core Apps are approved for storing and sharing many types of sensitive data, including information protected by HIPAA, Microsoft Office Online is not.

Do not use Office Online for files that contain sensitive university data. To modify files containing sensitive data, use Box Edit, which opens applications residing on your computer. Only store and share files containing sensitive data using U-M services that are appropriate for the sensitive data types involved. See the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services for information about appropriate services.

Box Integration with Office Online


Box recently announced its latest integration with Microsoft, Box for Office Online. New features enable users to easily browse, open, create, edit, and save Office Online files from within Box—all without downloading additional programs or applications.

These updates also make the collaboration process more secure because it eliminates the need to repeatedly download files on different machines. Please note that Office Online will lock and unlock files automatically. Although you may still lock and unlock files manually, we do not recommend overriding Office Online's automatic locking function as doing so could cause data loss when there are multiple editors accessing a document. For more information:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the ITS Service Center.

Winning Case Studies now added to the M+Box Case Study Library


The M+Box Case Study library was created to provide use cases of how M+Box is being used by faculty, staff, and students here at the University of Michigan. We are excited to announce that the winning use cases from the M+Box 50K contest have been added to the Case Study library.

We've also recently added the Box Embed widget to display the Case Studies, which provides the option of sorting the Case Studies by date. Select Sort > Date from the Options drop-down list to sort by date.

M+Box Monthly Updates: Unlimited Storage, Metadata templates and more!


Here's what happened in August:

M+Box Now Offers Unlimited Storage!


U-M has recently finalized an agreement with Internet2 and Box to provide unlimited storage to all UMICH users at no additional cost. No action is needed to get the additional storage. All individual and shared M+Box accounts have already been upgraded, and new accounts also automatically receive unlimited storage. Please note the following in regard to this change:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the ITS Service Center.

M+Box Tip: Bookmarks in Box


Are you aware that you can save web links as bookmarks in Box? Bookmarks in Box can be used for any URL. For example, perhaps you have a presentation folder in Box and want to add to that folder a link to the latest and greatest article on how to build impressive presentations. To do so, click New and select New Bookmark. Don't forget to add the description so you, as well as any collaborators on the folder, can view information on the bookmark without opening it.

Create a Bookmark

Do you have a project folder in Box but would also like to reference materials in a Google Drive folder? Add the URL to the Google Drive folder as a Bookmark in the Box folder for all to access (keep in mind that only those with permission in Google to access the Drive folder will be able to use the bookmark).

It is also possible to move or copy bookmarks to other folders. Perhaps you have a great bookmark in your Project Management folder that you'd also like to include in your individual project folders. It is easy to do so. Click the drop-down menu of the appropriate bookmark and select Move or Copy.

Move a Bookmark

Send us YOUR best M+Box tips!

M+Box Tip: Save Time by Using Favorites


If you aren't yet using Favorites in Box, it's the time to start. There is no need to spend time searching through folders and subfolders for your files. Instead, mark the content you access most frequently in Box as a Favorite.

To create Favorites in Box, click the star icon next to the appropriate file or folder.

Add Favorites

Once a folder or file is marked as a Favorite, it will appear on the right side of the All Files page under Favorites.

Favorites Display

For more information, see Favorites.

Send us YOUR best M+Box tips!

Metadata Templates Available in Box


Metadata templates enable users to define and store custom data associated with files in Box. This custom data can serve several purposes. For example, the Collaboration Services team uses metadata templates to keep track of the process we have around writing, reviewing, and publishing Case Studies. The templates include attributes like owners, unit, submission date, and status. Another example might include sorting assets with metadata templates that have attributes such as reference number, licensing details, custom provisions, and agreement dates.

Metadata Template
Screenshot of metadata template attached to an M+Box case study.

Do you need more reasons to use metadata templates? Advanced Search can be used to filter results based on metadata templates and attributes. Metadata templates can also be easily applied to files, or easily deleted from files.

If you'd like more information on metadata templates, submit a ticket with 4HELP@umich.edu. To request a template, download the form at http://bit.ly/download-mbox-metadata-template and follow the instructions on the first tab.

M+Box Monthly Updates: Redesigned Folder Settings Page, Support for Windows 10


Here's what happened in July:

M+Box Monthly Updates: UI changes, Notes Welcome Tour


Here's what happened in June:

M+Box by the Numbers: July 2015


M+Box Accounts/Storage/Collaborations Graph

M+Box by the numbers as of July 3, 2015

Accounts 51,850 GBs Stored 96,342
External Collaborators 17,927 Collaborations 248,078

Redesigned Folder Settings Page


Box is improving upon access to folder configuration with updates that include the ability to access General Info, Folder Settings and Collaborators directly from the dropdown menu. Box is also consolidating folder properties, email notifications, and folder security settings onto one folder settings page. Preview the Folder Settings Change.

REMINDER: Box Sync 3 EOL - Upgrade to Sync 4 Required


As we announced several weeks ago, Box will end Sync 3 service on June 30, 2015 as part of its year-long transition to Box Sync 4. Sync 3 will no longer work as of this date, and users who have not yet done so should upgrade to Box Sync 4 immediately.

To upgrade from Sync 3 to Sync 4 follow these upgrade instructions and read our Box Sync 4 Upgrade FAQ for more details. Please contact the ITS Service Center if you need additional information or assistance. Thank you!

M+Box Monthly Updates: 50K contest winners, update on Box Edit v3 and more!


Here's what happened in May:

Manual Upgrade for Box Edit Version 3


As we recently communicated, Box will push out an auto-update for Box Edit version 3 on June 15, 2015. All MiWorkspace machines have already been upgraded to Box Edit version 3. If you prefer, you can manually upgrade your other computers to Box Edit version 3 before June 15 by following the instructions below:

  1. Visit https://www.box.com/box-for-devices/
  2. Chose Box Edit for Mac or Box Edit for Windows
  3. Click Download
  4. Run installer
  5. Restart browser

The upgrade to Box Edit version 3 is important for two reasons:

  1. It ensures that Box Edit no longer uses NPAPI plug-ins to communicate between the Box web app and the desktop process. See The Final Countdown for NPAPI for more information on NPAPI plug-ins.
  2. Box Edit version 2 currently utilizes a Box API that will end its service later this year. That means you will not be able to use Box Edit v2 once the Box API is no longer available.

If you have questions or need help please contact the ITS Service Center.

Box Sync 3 EOL - Upgrade to Sync 4 Required


As part of its year-long transition to Box Sync 4, Box will end services for Box Sync 3 on June 30, 2015. Sync 3 will no longer work as of this date, and users who have not yet done so should upgrade to Box Sync 4 as soon as possible.

Our records show that there are approximately 300 M+Box accounts that are still running Sync 3 on one or more devices. Next week, we will send the message below to these users regarding the decommissioning of Sync 3. Please contact the ITS Service Center if you need additional information or assistance. Thank you!

-----<email to v3 users>-----
From: M+Box Team
Subject: ACTION REQUIRED: Upgrade Your M+Box Sync Client

Hello --

Our records show that you are a user of M+Box and might be running Box Sync 3 on one or more computers. As part of its year-long transition to Box Sync 4, Box will end services for Box Sync 3 on June 30, 2015.

We encourage you to upgrade now to avoid any disruption to your service. To upgrade from Sync 3 to Sync 4 follow these upgrade instructions and read our Box Sync 4 Upgrade FAQ. Please note the following:

Please contact the ITS Service Center if you need additional information or assistance. Thank you!

Python and Java SDK


This year Box announced new tools and services to enable developers to more effectively build apps on the Box Platform. There is now a Python SDK available for use with Box Content and Box View APIs. There is also an updated Java SDK. For more information, visit Box Platform Developer Documentation.

Auto Upgrade for Box Edit Version 3


On June 15, 2015, Box will push out a silent auto-update for Box Edit bersion 3. No action is required on your part and you do not need admin rights to your computer to allow this update. (NOTE: This update includes MiWorkspace users.)

The upgrade to Box Edit version 3 is important for two reasons:

Modification for Comments in Preview


As we announced in March, Box recently redesigned Preview in the Box web application. Along with that redesign, Box is also modifying the way users leave comments. In the new interface, users who can view and add comments have that ability from Preview mode only. Comments can no longer be added directly from the sub-folder and "all files" pages. Users can leave a comment on a file by clicking the comment bubble icon, which will open Box Preview and provide access to Comments and Tasks.

Check out the before and after experience for comments in Preview.

Winners of the M+Box 50K Contest


The M+Box team is very happy to announce the winners of the M+Box 50K Contest:

Case studies of the top three winning submissions and honorable mentions will be posted to the the Case Studies section of the M+Box site over the next several weeks. In addition to bragging rights, the top three winning entries will also receive some great Box SWAG and a Computer Showcase Gift Certificate.

We received 39 outstanding entries. Our judges from the ITS Collaboration Services team and the Collaboration Services Advisory Group had a difficult time narrowing the field down. We will post the winners on our contest site page soon. We are also planning a follow-up article in the May issue of the Michigan IT CIO Newsletter.

A sincere thank you to everyone who took part in the contest! We appreciate your ongoing support of M+Box at U-M.

M+Box by the Numbers: March 2015


M+Box Accounts/Storage/Collaborations Graph

M+Box by the numbers as of March 27, 2015

Accounts 51,420 GBs Stored 79,557
External Collaborators 16,220 Collaborations 218,969

REMINDER: April 22 Deadline for the M+Box 50K Contest!


Do you have a cool way that you or your unit uses M+Box?

M+Box recently hit 50,000 active accounts and we're celebrating! Use this form to describe a clever way you've used Box or how it's made it easier for you to get work done. (NOTE: You must be logged in with your UMICH [level 1] account to access the form.) We'll write up the best examples and feature them in the Case Studies section of the M+Box site.

But wait... there's more...

In addition to bragging rights, you could also win some awesome Box SWAG and a Computer Showcase Gift Certificate:

(NOTE: If you have already submitted a case study you can still enter using the same example. Please provide any updates or new information that might be of interest to users.)

The deadline for entry is Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Before submitting an entry be sure to visit our contest page on the M+Box site to find out about eligibility, judging criteria, announcement of winners, and more.

Good luck!

Med Email Addresses Automatically Added to M+Box Accounts


On Wednesday, April 8, ITS made a change to M+Box that automatically adds @med.umich.edu email addresses to accounts that

If your account fits the description above, you will receive an email from Box (noreply@box.com) saying "Email successfully added to your Box account" the first time you login to M+Box with Single Sign On. No further action is required.

The primary email address for all M+Box users will always be @umich.edu. It is the address you will use to login, the address collaborators will see and where all Box notifications will be sent. However, this change allows colleagues to send invitations to collaborate to @med.umich.edu email addresses as well.

In the last few days, some Med M+Box users might have also received an email stating "Email address removed from your Box account." This message resulted from issues that arose as ITS was implementing the change and does not require any action from the user. See the ITS status page for details.

We believe this change will make using M+Box easier for members of the U-M Med community. Please contact the ITS Service Center if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns.

M+Box Monthly Updates: 50K Contest, Print Box Notes, Folder Improvements and More!


Here is what happened in March:

Free Box Courses


We've recently added the free Box University courses to the Collaboration Training & Event Calendar. Be sure to check out the calendar and register for one of the free courses.

Keep in mind that the times you'll see when actually register for classes are Pacific time zone.

Updates on the M+Box site: new Best Practices for External Users page and a new Box Notes video


We've recently added the Best Practices for External Users page to M+Box to help our users ensure success when inviting external collaborators. Take some time to review this page and in order to help those you collaborate with know what to expect from you and from Box. Also check out the new Box Notes video posted on the front page of M+Box to learn more about simultaneous editing in Box Notes.

New Version of Box Edit


Box will be releasing a new version of Box Edit to address issues that could arise due to Google phasing out the Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI) in newer versions of the Chrome Browser. Existing Box Edit applications will auto-update to v3. The new version of Box Edit will not impact existing functionality or change expected behavior. For more information on Box Edit, including links to the new installers for Mac and Windows, read this overview and FAQ from Box.

MiWorkspace Mac users should have been prompted to update and can also choose to install the updated version at any time through the Managed Software Center. MiWorkspace Windows users with Box Edit installed will be updated automatically when the new version has been packaged and tested. Other Windows users who would like to get this software on their machine can submit a request via the ITS Service Center.

Help us celebrate! M+Box reaches 50k active users


M+Box recently reached a huge milestone: 50,000 active accounts! What better way to celebrate than to give away some great prizes including Computer Showcase Gift Certificates and cool Box SWAG?

Interested? Use this form to describe a clever way you've used Box or how it's made it easier for you to get work done, whether by yourself or when collaborating with others. (NOTE: You must be logged in with your UMICH [level 1] account to access the form.) Each entry must describe one application of M+Box. If you use it in several different ways, please submit a separate entry for each application or use case.

Eligibility: Current U-M students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate, including temporary employees. (NOTE: Bargained-for staff may enter and receive Box SWAG, but are not eligible to receive gift certificates.)

Deadline for entry: Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Judging criteria:

The ITS Collaboration Services team and the Collaboration Services Advisory Group will judge entries and select three winners by Wednesday, April 29. We will notify winners directly as well as post their names on the M+Box site and through our other usual communication channels.

Good luck!

Redesigned Preview in the Box Web Application


Coming later this month, Box will redesign the content Preview interface in the web application and the Box Embed widget. Check out these screenshots for an early look at the Preview changes. You can test the new preview experience in advance by activating the feature. After trying it out, you can deactivate the change if you choose.

The new Preview experience will roll out to everyone in the coming weeks.

M+Box Monthly Updates: News on Box Sync, Office 365, iOS App and More!


Here is what happened in February:

EOL for "All Tags" Feature in Box


Box has issued an End-of-Life notice for the "All Tags" filter feature in Box to take effect on March 30, 2015. Users will no longer see "All Tags" in the tag filter list or when adding a new tag.

All Tags Filter

Workarounds for users include having the tag show up in "My tags" when adding or filtering by tags:

For more information on using tags, see Tagging Content in Box.

M+Box by the Numbers: January 2015


M+Box Accounts/Storage/Collaborations Graph

M+Box by the numbers as of Januray 2, 2015

Accounts 49,277 GBs Stored 74,091
External Collaborators 14,808 Collaborations 195,733

Box Notes Updates


As you may have read in our January Monthly Updates Box has made improvements to Box Notes functionality. Included in the recent update is more support for tables, version history, and uploading images. Version history changes include a new saved versions ability. Roughly every 5 minutes, or after 5 minutes of inactivity, users can access past versions by hovering over "Saved" in the toolbar and clicking "Show Version history". See Box Notes Overview and FAQ for more information on Box Notes.

Box Notes Functionality

M+Box Monthly Updates: Changes to Office PowerPoint in Box Preview


Here is what happened in January:

New Box Course Available On lynda.com


A new Box course, Box OneCloud Apps for Mobile Productivity, is now being offered on lynda.com. A previous course, Up and Running with Box, is also available. More lynda.com courses about Box should be coming soon.

Faculty and regular staff on all U-M campuses and the Health System have access to thousands of lynda.com courses on business, software, technology, and creative skills at no cost to users. U-M students and temporary staff are not eligible for access. More information about agreement terms and login instructions are available online.

M+Box Tip: Disable Notification for Folders


One of our favorite things on the M+Box team is hearing from the U-M community about how they are using M+Box at work, including tips and tricks they've learned. Recently, we got a great M+Box tip from Kellie Brown and Kim Wooton from ITS, who showed us how to suppress change notifications to a Box folder.

Owners and co-owners of a folder can suppress all notifications on a folder by clicking the More Options drop-down next to the appropriate folder on the All Files page (or from within a folder) then click Properties > Email Options.

Once the Folder Properties window options, click the Disable notifications for this folder checkbox to suppress all notifications on a folder. Once selected, no one will receive email notifications about changes to this folder.

Folder Properties - Email Security

Folder Properties - Updates Disabled

This is great knowledge to have as we all know how annoying constant email notification can be. If you've got tips you use with M+Box, please take a few minutes and share with the community. It's something we will all benefit from!

Box File Size Update


Good news! You can now upload files of up to 15GB into Box, up from the previous 10GB limit. See below for more details:

System Requirements

Known Issues

Box Ending Support for MS Office 2007


As we announced in September, Box is ending support for all Box for Office 2007 integrations for Windows users. All Windows users must upgrade to the new version of Box for Office integration before January 31.

Instructions for Individuals

NOTE: Box for Office requires Windows 7 or higher, Office 2010 or higher, and administrative rights for installation.

Instructions for IT Staff

More information for IT staff

For additional information and documentation, please see Box for Office Desktop Integrations and the Office 2007 EOL notice.

M+Box Monthly Updates: December


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