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Box-Microsoft Integration Announcement


Box announced two major improvements with the way Microsoft Office integrates with Box.

See 3 New Ways to Seamlessly Collaborate with Box and Microsoft for more information about these integrations and check out the video linked in the blog for a quick peek at the simultaneous editing feature.

Keep in mind that when you use these integrations you are using a personal Microsoft account that is not approved for use with sensitive data. See the Sensitive Data Guide for more information.

Did you replace your CTools Project Site with M+Box or M+Google?


Have you have replaced your CTools Project Site with one or more of the cloud collaboration tools? If so, we want to hear from you! Let us know how you're using M+Box or M+Google for your project by sending email to maryb@umich.edu.

Box Web Application Updates


Box recently announced a series of design improvements being made to the Box web application in January of 2016. These updates are intended to streamline users' experience while also providing a user tour that offers tips on how to most effectively use Box. We are looking forward to seeing these changes in the U-M domain. Check out the updates to the Box web application, in this slide deck from Box.

Data ownership in M+Box and M+Google


Did you know that M+Box and M+Google Drive have different ways of handling data ownership and collaboration?

If you use M+Box or M+Google for data developed with a university team or department, we recommend requesting a shared account for all work-related documents to ensure the material stays available to the team when individuals move on from the university. To learn more about shared accounts, see Shared Accounts and Shared M+Box Accounts.

If an employee is not able to help with re-assigning ownership of their content in any service, please contact the User Advocate for assistance. You can also reach out with any questions or open a ticket by contacting the ITS Service Center.

Box December Monthly Updates: Box Edit Update, Audio files supported in Box Capture and more!


Here's what happened in December:

Updated Login Experience with Box


Box recently updated its login screen to be more user friendly and consistent across all platforms and devices. NOTE: The new login screen (below) is only seen when users log in through box.com. To log in with your uniqname and UMICH password, click sign In with SSO on the lower right part of the screen.

Then click Continue on the following screen to launch the U-M Weblogin page.

Updated Trash page in Box


M+Box has recently updated its Trash page. In addition to a new columnar layout, the Trash page is now separated into two tabs: "Items I Deleted" and "Items I Own." The "Items I Deleted" tab displays files that you have deleted (owned by you or others). The "Items I Own" tab displays files you own that have been deleted (by yourself or others).

This is a welcome change as, in M+Box, any user with the right level of permission can delete another user's file or folder even if they are not an owner. Be sure to set up the appropriate email notifications to ensure you are informed when a file that you own has been deleted.

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