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The large filespaces of Value Storage can help researchers manage intensive data sets.

Value Storage

Value storage is designed to provide a cost-effective way for University researchers (and others with large storage needs) to store large amounts of data in a centralized location. Disk space can be purchased in terabyte increments.

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  • Infrastructure is housed in a university data center.

  • Storage is monitored by ITS and available 24/7. For information about maintenance and planned outages, see the Service Level Agreement.

  • Value Storage includes nightly replication of your data at a second data center. This copy of your data reduces your risk in the case that there is a major hardware failure or a natural or man-made disaster. For more details, see the Service Level Agreement.

  • It's important to recognize that data replication is not the same as backup. If your data cannot be easily recreated from another source you should purchase backup services or plan on maintaining backup copies somewhere else.

  • If you do not need data replication, you can purchase Value Storage Lite. It is exactly the same as Value Storage, but it does not have data replication so it costs half as much.

  • You have the flexibility to designate storage access to members of your team and computers.

To use the service, you must have:

  • One or more authorized computers on campus.

  • A gigabit Ethernet connection. The service can't operate over a 100BaseT Ethernet connection or wireless.

  • A 6-digit ShortCode for the account to charge the service.

  • UNIX: Any version, including Solaris

  • Linux: RedHat 4 and 5

  • FreeBSD: Any version above 4.4

  • Mac: OSX