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ITS Software Licensing and Distribution has a limited number of FileMaker Pro licenses.

FileMaker licenses purchased through ITS Software Licensing have maintenance through June 2020. We will offer extensions to this maintenance and assemble a Volume Order in Spring 2020.

Product Name: FileMaker
Version: Pro Version 16 (earlier versions may be available)

Note: FileMaker Corp no longer provides volume discount licenses for FileMaker Pro Advanced or FileMaker Server products. ITS will continue to service maintenance agreements purchased via ITS. All maintenance renewals for products other than FileMaker Pro must be renewed either through the preferred vendor at M-Marketsite or directly with the vendor.

Company Name: FileMaker Inc.
Platform: Windows10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP
Mac OS X through version 10.12 (Sierra)
Description: FileMaker Pro is a lightweight database product which has been augmented to include many features offered by full service database products, yet continues to offer simplicity which allows novice users and non-database-experts to create and maintain useful data repositories. FileMaker Pro Advanced adds features necessary for database developers and programmers to more readily produce institutional or commercial applications. FileMaker Server and Server Advanced are products which allow large numbers of users to connect to a FileMaker database. Note: The Server product is not necessary for small departments as the base FileMaker Pro allows up to 10 concurrent users.
Expiration Date: FileMaker licenses are perpetual, but users are likely to desire maintenance coverage as these contracts are relatively inexpensive compared with the cost of upgrading without maintenance.
Who Is Eligible: Faculty and Staff at the University of Michigan
Availability: ITS SWLD makes periodic bulk purchase of FileMaker Pro licenses and maintenance agreements sells the licenses until supplies are depleted. Users who have licenses covered by maintenance contracts may upgrade and order media. Please see the order form below.

ITS SWLD no longer facilitates purchases of FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server or Server Advanced. However, users who purchased maintenance agreements for any of these products will continue to receive product updates through SWLD until those maintenance agreements end.

Purchases of all FileMaker products are available via M-marketsite.

Personal Use: Volume license copies must be installed on University-owned computers. FileMaker may be obtained for educational use by staff on personally-owned machines at discount via M-marketsite.
Cost: Please see the order form.
Technical Support: Telephone:  408-987-7000
Web: FileMaker Support
Ordering Information: FILEMAKER PRO DEPARTMENTAL ORDER FORM (Limited number available.)
Inquiries: Please send questions to


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