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Office 365 for Education - On Monday, Sept. 22 2014, Microsoft announced a program where students may take advantage of Office 365 features for free. In November, Microsoft expanded the offering to include currently employed Faculty and Staff. The relationship is between the individual and Microsoft. (Much in the same way that a student creates a Facebook or Instagram account.)

Please see Office in Education for more information.

Please also note that Microsoft OneDrive should not be used for storing University information. Please see the Safe Computing site for more information.


The Microsoft Select Program is defined by the Select Master Agreement between the university and Microsoft. The Microsoft Campus Agreement is part of the Select Master Agreement.

The University has renewed its two Microsoft agreements, the Campus Agreement and the Select Agreement, effective December 1, 2013. These agreements will expire on November 30, 2016.

The Microsoft Select Agreement allows university departments to purchase Microsoft licenses with or without Software Assurance (Microsoft's terminology for maintenance) at a reduced price. All Software Assurance (SA) is purchased for the entire length of the Select Agreement and all SA purchased during this Agreement term will expire on November 30, 2017.

If a department chooses to not extend the SA on a license, in order to upgrade that license in the future, the department will need to purchase another license for that product.

Product Name: Microsoft Select Program
Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
Platform: Macintosh and Windows
Description: Licenses and Media for most Microsoft products
Expiration Date: November 30, 2015
Who Is Eligible: U-M departments only
Personal Use: Individuals see Computer Showcase
Available Software: Microsoft Price List & Departmental Order Forms
Ordering Information: Please use the order forms linked from the Microsoft Price List
Inquiries: Please send questions to


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