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About the TSM Backup Service

The Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) service provides networked backup of data on your server-level machines (such as application and file servers, server-side databases, and research data collections).

Previously named ADSM, TSM is a client/server application that lets you back up files from, and restore files to, your server over the network. This service is offered to members of the University of Michigan community through an annual contract.

Features include:

How It Works

The TSM Backup client is installed on your server, where it performs scheduled automatic backups with data compression and data encryption/decryption for transmission to and from the TSM Backup server located in the Arbor Lakes Data Facility.

Who Can Use TSM?

The TSM service is intended for server data protection only and is therefore likely to be of most use to U-M system administrators. Data protection for individual Windows workstations can be obtained through the Connected Backup service.

Disaster Recovery

Our servers are maintained in the Arbor Lakes Data Facility, which has full UPS redundancy, enhanced electrical systems, fire protection, security systems, and environmental alarms. Data is replicated to the Michigan Academic Computing Center which also has the same high standards for data reliability.

We can work with you to create the backup strategy that best suits your needs, including the backup schedule, the number of backup versions, how long backups are retained, optimal serialization type, and so on. As of January 2008 we no longer offsite tapes to Iron Mountain. Users interested in doing this for an additional fee are encouraged to contact us.


We also take privacy seriously. TSM staff members never view the contents of files. Should troubleshooting require access to directory contents, the contents are kept strictly confidential.


The TSM backup solution is purchased by the terabyte. One terabyte of stored data costs $1,600 per year. If you exceed 1 terabyte, you will be charged for a second terabyte. How many backup versions you want and how often you want off-site storage can affect your cost.