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Welcome to the University of Michigan! Here's where you can get your uniqname—your first step to unlocking all the resources of U-M.

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What's a Uniqname?

Your uniqname is your University of Michigan computing ID and will be part of your permanent email address. (Your U-M email address will be That means it is public information, and it will be with you as long as you are affiliated with the university, even after graduation. It will be shared with your professors, colleagues, prospective employers, friends and family. It is costly and difficult to change, so choose your uniqname wisely.

Your uniqname is your key to your standard computing services and important university services such as financial aid, housing, course selection and other student business transactions. Be sure to remember your uniqname and password, as you will need them to complete a wide variety of business at the university and, ultimately, to register for classes.

It is important that no one, including a parent or guardian, sets up your uniqname and password for you. When you are issued your uniqname and password, you agree to abide by the U-M Responsible Use Policy, violations of which can result in serious disciplinary action.

U-M Expects Students to Conduct Business Electronically

At the University of Michigan, most student business is done online. Your uniqname becomes a critical gateway to computing services, student information, and many other services that will be used throughout your career at U-M. As soon as your uniqname is created, some university offices will begin sending email to your U-M account to share important information or to request that you complete some important transactions online. Often, email is the ONLY notification sent, so check your U-M email account regularly!

How to Get Your Uniqname

To create your uniqname, you'll need:

Create your uniqname (involves a series of steps). You will be taken through a series of steps to obtain your uniqname. Be sure you complete the entire process before quitting. When you have completed the entire process, you will see a congratulations message.

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