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Contacting an AD Admin

Sometimes you need to contact the AD administrator for a unit and don't know who that is. For example:

Here's how to find an AD admin:

  1. Identify the unit that manages or will manage the user

    • The user could tell you


    • When trying to move a user with the "Move Users" program, you see a message like this:

      WARN: User 'testuser' not found in OU=People,OU=UMICH,DC=adsroot,DC=itcs,DC=umich,DC=edu'. INFO: User 'testuser' located in 'CN=testuser,OU=CurrentOU,OU=Accounts,OU=UMICH,DC=adsroot,DC=itcs,DC=umich,DC=edu'.

      In this case, the user is in the "CurrentOU".


    • You search for the user in AD using AD Users and Computers. The location of the user is in the "Object" tab.

  2. Find the OUadmin group that administers the unit

    1. Look up the org prefix the department uses in the U-M Windows Organization Prefixes.

    2. Search for the group with the form "prefix-oudamins" (e.g. ulib-ouadmins). If the prefix table above indicates a parent, also try searching for the group with the form "parent-prefix-ouadmins" (e.g. lsa-chem-ouadmins).

    3. You can find the admins' names by looking at the members of the group. You may find the admin's uniqname directly or in the description field of an ouadmin# account.

If you are still unable to locate the information you need, contact the ITS Service Center.