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Accessing File Shares with Kerberos Pass-Thru Logon

File share resources in Active Directory are assigned to Active Directory users through NTFS permissions. Users can access these resources from any computer inside or outside the forest using their MIT Kerberos uniqname and password. It is not necessary for the user to know their Active Directory password. The following steps are needed to access resources using only MIT Kerberos uniqname and password:

  1. The workstation must be prepared for pass-thru authentication as explained in Setting Up Pass-Thru Logon.

    The workstation may be a member of the U-M Active Directory domain, or any other domain or workgroup.

  2. Map a drive using Windows Explorer, Tools > Map Network Drive

  3. When prompted for a username and password, type:

    User name: UMICH.EDU\uniqname    (caps for UMICH.EDU are required)

    Password: MIT Kerberos Password