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U-M Windows Update Service

A number of departments on campus have deployed Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to provide security updates for their users. Because this service scales so well, they are willing to offer this service to the campus community. The machines using this service require watchful oversight by a knowledgable IT person. For this reason, this offer is being made to campus units who have technical support in house who can provide this oversight and are able to assist their users as necessary.

Windows Server Update Services provides automated, scheduled delivery of critical updates for Windows, Office, Exchange Server, and SQL Server, with additional product support over time. Exactly which updates are delivered to a particular Windows computer is defined in the Windows registry and is quite configurable.

WSUS allows a local server to synchronize with Microsoft's Windows Update Web site whenever critical updates are made available. These updates are approved by the local administrator and then distributed to participating machines on a pre-determined schedule.


How to Use the U-M Windows Update Service

U-M departmental system administrators are invited to use this system to have their users' machines automatically update via the U-M Windows Update Service. Instructions for using the campus service are available (after authentication) at How to use the U-M Windows Update Service.