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Password Security Checklist

Change Your Password When You Change Your Clocks

We recommend that you change your UMICH password every six months. An easy way to remember this is to change your password when you change your clocks for Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Change Your Password If It Is at Risk

If your password is at risk, you may need to change it more often. Ask yourself the questions below to see if you need to change your password now. Balance your answers with the need to have a password that you can remember without having to write it down. If you have a strong, secure password that is easy for you to remember and you use it with care, you may not need to change it as often as someone whose password is more vulnerable.

When you change your UMICH password via UMICH Account Management, a password-strength checker helps ensure that your new password is strong and safe. See Choosing and Changing a Secure UMICH Password (R1162) for tips on selecting a secure, strong password.

Your Password Needs a Partner

Strong passwords are essential, but they aren't enough. Phishing attacks and data breaches put all your passwords at risk, and you need additional security. With two-factor authentication, anyone trying to access your account must provide two proofs of ID:

Some services and websites refer to this as two-step authentication, two-step verification, or login verification.

You can protect your personal information at U-M by turning on two-factor for Weblogin. This includes direct deposit information and W-2s in Wolverine Access, as well as your information in Google at U-M, Box at U-M, and more. (See Services and Systems Covered by Two-Factor for Weblogin.)