ITS General Computing

What Is My UMICH Password?

Your UMICH password is the password associated with your U-M uniqname. You use it when you log in to Wolverine Access and to most U-M computing services (such as U-M Google, your MCommunity Directory profile, and more). People on U-M's Medical Campus refer to the UMICH password as the Level 1 password.

Your UMICH password is synchronized to several systems by the UMICH Password Hub in MCommunity. This means you need only remember one password to get access to multiple university computing services.

Password Security Recommendations

  1. Change your UMICH password on a regular basis (see Password Security Checklist). About once every six months is ideal. For instructions and tips about changing your UMICH password, see

  2. Do not use your UMICH password for any systems outside the university. Use different passwords for these services. (How to Manage All Your Passwords)